Bullet-time with Android software / hardware support


Our support is provided via the online documentation / videos. The following documents are currently available with a public access:


If you need one-to-one support and direct access to my team, then you might consider the extended plan below:

Initial fees / training / one to one support @ 4000$ (first year, renewable @1000$/y)

  • Complete list of secrets about multi-cameras systems (mastering hardware, optimal calibration, software)

    • One-to-one training (one session)

    • Phone/skype support

    • Complete follow up to insure you get quality images similar to what we do

    • (extra) Remote live support during an event: $200/h

    • (extra) Custom programming: $200/h

    • Training is provided once you have all of your equipment through Skype (one time). You’ll also get permanent access to our wiki

      What’s covered?

      • Network configuration

      • Optimal settings for cameras

      • Camera calibration

      • Software usage

      • First setup

      • General knowledge about rig dimensions

      • Best practice and common pitfalls

      • Windows 10 optimal configuration

      • Assets preparation (watermark, overlays, animated overlays)

      • Optimal configuration for perfect triggering

      • Android device testing

      • Optimal configuration for ultra fast file download / preview

What’s not covered?

      • Smartphone camera general knowledge (iso, fstop, focal length…)

      • Light-painting & lighting techniques

      • Rig diagrams, cad and construction

      • Windows 10 operations & file management

      • 3d scanning knowledge (camera placement, lights, 3d render, facs, poses)