This page is about the Android edition of Xangle Camera Server software for bullet-time. For the DSLR cameras version, head to

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  Android / Pro
Devices (up to) Price/month Price/year
6 $701 $2102
12 $1051 $3154
24 $1577 $4730
48 $2102 $6307
64 $2083 $8410


  • Compatible Android smartphones

  • Windows 10 computer + web browser

  • Usb ports / hubs (one port per device)

  • Optional: Calibration bar (available on

  • Optional: wireless remote trigger:

>>> Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your download / license info (but I'll generally reply within 2 hours if the purchase is made within the business hours NYC timezone)
>>> One license = one computer. You need to log out from one computer to be able to log in on another one
>>> License validity starts maximum 48 hours after purchase.

Feature list

Feature Android / Pro
Control of all devices settings from a single computer
Extremely fast to generate a calibrated mp4 file (see the benchmark page
Fantastic dashboard
Maximum number of devices 250
Trigger signal Software, wireless bluetooth powerpoint presenter, wireless gamepad, keyboard, API
Troubleshooting messages/logs (if a camera get disconnected, etc)
Digital image Calibration
Easy device numbering (simply by connecting the devices in the right order)
Horizontal or Vertical orientation
Mp4 resolution options 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2.5k, 4k
16x9, 4x3, 3x2, 1x1
Output formats MP4 or GIF
Set the number of repeat for a single shot (allows to increase duration to reach the minimum length for Instagram sharing)
Rewind mode: plays backward!  [sample]
Live-replay software settings: most-recent, random, auto-advance.
Sharing via email (customizable email), requires a SMTP account (we suggest Sendgrid)
Cooldown trigger feature: prevent any accidental triggering on double-click or faster click.
Internet requirement Required for license validation only (once every 24 hours, at software start up)
Monitoring page (sent emails logs)
Offline mode. During your event, if internet goes down, you can still continue to gather emails (stored on the local database). Once you go back online, you can then send the batch of emails.
Watch/flat folder for external apps: send all of the mp4 files in a dedicated folder so you can use other sharing apps
Selfie mode: individual sessions. Timeout settings. Possibility to share any of the content from a single session.
Chromakey / green screen features + animated background
Review mode: allows to manually approve each shot before they enter the live gallery
Custom branding: Automatic watermarks / overlays (including animated ones)
Custom branding: mp4 Intro, mp4 Outro, mp3 audio file
Custom branding: Gallery, player, selfie mode
Blending mode overlays (light-leaks, texture…)
Auto apply color grading (LUT)
Screen auto-dimmer (dims down specified screens in light-painting mode when a picture is getting taken)
Any device connected within the same wifi network can access the live preview using an internal ip address
Web based sharing station (works on ipad, surface, etc…). Customizable per event (background image, logo)
Windows client - connect additional devices on a second (or multiple) Windows computer to distribute the file transfer (very useful for 24 cameras and more, especially when shooting in RAW mode)
Interval mode (parameters for the number of ms between each shot, and number of iterations). Sample: [sample]
Seamless mode: similar to interval, but without any bump (seamless loop). [sample]
Jump-and-Freeze mode. [sample]
Custom trigger sequences. [sample]
Raspberry Pi architecture - best option to scale up your architecture. This is what we use with our 154 cameras system
Camera live view (one camera at a time, grid, custom grid color...) - Raspberry Pis only
Multiple iterations: trigger the cameras multiple times even in RAW mode. Using 120 cameras, we’re currently able to go to up to 3 spins in RAW mode (360 images), or 6 spins in Jpg (720 images). [sample]
API integration (send a trigger signal and change camera settings from our api)