Control from one to 250 units

Connecting an army of smartphones

We provide connectivity, softwares, production and support for bullet-time using smartphones. With the initial intent to be used as a bullet-time photobooth, you get access to all of our usual features: easy connection, camera control, trigger, sharing stations, replay, green screen, etc.


Get started today

Check out the required gear, then get a software license from our online store to start your new project involving smartphones and bullet-time.


Powered by Xangle Camera Server

Xangle Camera Server has been our bullet-time software for many years. We’ve been using it mostly with DSLRs, but we now handle various smartphones brands and models.


  • Web based dashboard

  • Automated installation on devices

  • Easy camera control: ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, zoom, resolution, ratio

  • Replay and sharing station (samples)

  • Green screen (chromakey) ready + animated background

  • Watermark, mp4 intro/outro, mp3 soundtrack, animated foreground

  • Lut and overlay effects (light leaks, etc) functionalities

  • Connect up to 250 devices

  • MP4 or GIF output

  • Digital calibration

  • Selfie mode

  • Touch screen enable

  • Trigger cameras from your computer, your tablet, your cellphone, a mouse, a bluetooth powerpoint presenter, a gamepad or a piece of bread.

  • Full dedicated support team available for hardware and software