Frequently asked questions

1- Software & Hardware

  1. Q: What are the differences / advantages of using Android smartphones over DSLR cameras?
    A: In a nutshell, smartphones are more light-weight and easier to setup. However, DSLR camears are way more precise for the triggering. Check out this lengthy post about all differences: SMARTPHONES VS DSLRS FOR BULLET-TIME PHOTOGRAPHY

  2. Q: How precise is the triggering when using Android smartphones?
    A: Not really good, and there’s not much we can do about it. Most of the models we tried were able to sync at 45ms, but some need over 100ms. What this means is that you are not likely to freeze someone jumping in the air. However, you can ask your subject to either not move, or you can go in interval mode and create super cool things like this one or this one.

  3. Q: How to freeze the subject?
    A: In a very controlled environment (I mean… pitch black!), you can set an exposure of one second, and flash your subject within that exposure. This is how we achieved this one.

  4. Q: How long is it taking to install and calibrate a 12-units kit?
    A: Once you’re comfortable with the software and the calibration, you can easily install and calibrate well within an hour

  5. Q: Which Android models are compatible?
    A: We tested with many modern Android phones (version 8+) and so far, most are behaving the same way except for trigger lag in some models.

  6. Q: Is the software compatible with iphone / ipad?
    A: Unfortunately no

  7. Q: What other equipment is required to run the software?
    A: Depending on the number of units you are running with, you’ll need a bunch of powered usb hubs and a Windows 10 computer.

  8. Q: How does the calibration work?
    A: We have a full video that explains the calibration right here: as well as a complete guide here: These are for DSLR cameras, but the procedure is exactly the same with smartphone except for the grid that can be activated straight from our software (cool bonus!)

  9. Q: Is it possible to do light-painting using Android Smartphones?
    A: Yes and no. We are currently limited to a one-second exposure on most phones through the Android api (or even less on some models). The workaround is to do interval light-painting which is going to give you a few seconds for the light-painting when using 24 devices with 100ms interval between each one. Here’s an example:

2. Software license

  1. Q: How to purchase a software license?
    A: licenses can by purchased online following this link. Monhtly and Yearly licenses are available. None are automatically renewed

  2. Q: If I already have a Xangle Camera Server (for DSLR cameras) license, do I need one for Android?
    A: Yes, these are two separate licenses